Why DingDone?

We are changing hotel management by implementing new work methodologies based on our experiences in Costa Rica’s boutique hotels.

  • It promotes real time collaboration
  • It’s “mobile first” and super friendly , 
anyone in the team can handle it.
  • You’ll have an eagle’s eye over your hotel operations. Better understanding and decision making.

Who can use DingDone?

Everyone in your team
  • Task management and follow-up
  • Cleaning alerts
  • Chat and internal communications
  • Task management and follow-up
  • Task schedule
  • Chat and internal communications
Front desk
  • Alert creation and customer requests
  • Task supervision by room
  • Chat and internal communications
  • Reports
  • Hotel efficiency
  • Hotel weaknesses


  • “Since we’ve been using the app, we’ve seen quite a reduction of our red tape. We are very pleased with the service given. Something that is worth noting is the ability to personalize the app to the needs of your hotel.”
    Norma Quiroz


    Hotel Capitán Suizo
  • “The app has made our maintenance processes more agile, the use of radio communication has been reduced and response time to solve our client’s needs has improved. It gives us in hand information to report and evaluate.”
    Shirleny y Natalia

    Reception leaders

    Hotel Arenal Manoa
  • “Ding Done allows us in a more practical and efficient way to report maintenance issues. The follow up is very simple and convenient; it has reduced substantially the use of radio communications, which can be very disturbing for our clients and personnel.”
    Melvin Aragón

    Housekeeping supervisor


Who is using DingDone

Costa Rica


Address: Playa Tamarindo Guanacaste.

Phone: +506 84102321 Mail: hello@dinganddone.com



Address: Can Danus, 3 07001 Palma de Mallorca Balearic Islands, Spain.

Phone: +34 671 985 674 Mail: boris@dinganddone.com



Address: Av. Las Torres Mza. 30 Lote 1 Local 1 Reg. 523, CP. 77535 Benito Juárez Quintana Roo.

Phone: +998 271 88 50 Mail: cancun@dinganddone.com