Improve your hotel

Sense my entire hotel operation in the simplest way.

We created DingDone to enhance the working experience within hotels, and also make it a little more fun. We believe that profitability in your hotel can increase by improving your team’s communication and hence the quality of your service. With DingDone you’ll behold your entire operation and generate data for better decision-making towards the future.

Smart decision-making

It’s easy to get carried away by the daily routines of business, nonetheless, detecting patterns and task fulfillment, allows us to optimize and improve the quality of your service. DingDone has a module with visual reports that help you make efficient decisions.


Our focus is to empower your team members and keep them happy. To celebrate accomplishments. To eliminate the sense of hierarchy to promote initiatives within your personal and collective decisions.

Real Time communication

Get rid of walkie-talkies, you’ll have a connected team the entire time. You know where everyone is and what they’re doing. There is also a chat to solve issues quickly.

Constant monitoring

The entire team interacts through mobile phones and each byte of information is stored in our cloud-based platform. Managers can access this information at any moment and get grasp of how the team is doing, their status and urgencies.

Great pricing

Our solution offers accessible monthly fees. Saving you from costly consultants and complex softwares.

Hotels work non-stop

This is why it is so hard to spot every mistake and implement solutions. Nowaday everyone has a mobile device, but there is no mobile communication platform for hotels.

DingDone changes the way we work and communicate with each other, promoting the collaborators by giving them the tools to become more efficient within a positive environment.

Everyone is connected, together we have the capacity to make wise choices and solve. We want empowered collaborators, informed about every aspect surrounding our guests and their needs. There is a global vision of what’s going on in the hotel.

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We are certain that DingDone will widely improve your hotel. Try the first month for free and let us know what you think. Setup and training is also free, contact us right away!

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