We are 3 entrepreneurs, thrilled to change the way hotels work.

Jose María Calvo CIO and Co-founder.

Businessman, nature lover, 100% Costa Rican from San Carlos. Known as Chema Calvo, his vision of bringing value and innovation through technology has lead him to build from the ground up: LumenUP (digital agency), cofound DoubleDigit (agency with more than 90 employees) and Susty (startup that grants sustainability certifications). Chema wants to prove that Costa Rica has global talent and seeks to transform many industries, including the tourism industry. Those who know him, know he’s a doer, relentless until his vision is accomplished.

Matthias Malek CTO and Co-Founder.

A Swiss-Costa Rican developer. Graduated from TEC Costa Rica and worked 5 years at Intel Costa Rica and USA. He always dreamt of travelling the world, so he started developing tendency websites and making a living through advertising and selling them. He reached his goal of financial freedom and started travelling, therefore his passion for the hotel industry. He then started learning app development and cloud-based solutions, which makes him the techie partner any startup could dream of.

Federico Pilurzu COO and Co-founder.

Businessman, and acclaimed Costa Rican / Italian surfer. Inhabitant of Tamarindo, he has dedicated himself to the boutique hotel business, for the past 6 years he has worked at Hotel Cala Luna. Thanks to his family’s influence and sports he has developed a sustainable and holistic business vision, that has become the foundation for DingDone: having a happy team. Also, Fede is a renowned business man in Guanacaste for his contribution to the community and the positive impact his tourism initiatives bring. Thank you Fede for helping us build such an inclusive vision.

Leonardo Monge Developer.

More than 8 years of experience alongside Chema Calvo, Leonardo executes ideas in the most refined and original manner. For him, coding is an art form when integrated with good design. This way it becomes scalable, efficient and dynamic. Leo is a committed hardworking person that wants to demonstrate the Costa Rica can shine by itself.

Andrea Cruz Chief of experience.

Industrial engineer with more than 18 years of experience, passionate and perfectionist, she’s always in search for the customers satisfaction. Andrea believes technology should be appealing and charismatic this is why she is always behind the client learning from their experiences and thinking of ways to improve. Andrea certainly enters DingDone to enrich our team with all her knowledge and good practices.

Costa Rica


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